A local baker carries a sheet of kunafa, a traditional dessert, in Nablus, West Bank. Credit: Tasha Locke


Retired Israeli Colonel Danny Tirza, the architect of the separation barrier, toured a stretch of the wall with students, speaking to the decisions that were made when first mapping the wall’s course. Credit: Tasha Locke


A Palestinian boy crosses the street in the Jenin Refugee Camp. Credit: Tasha Locke


UCLA student Ryan Bakhit speaks with a local shop owner in Hebron, West Bank. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


Avi Zimmerman, the director of American Friends of Ariel, shows the group around a factory in the Ariel settlement. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


UC Irvine student Zohal Abdurahman learns from a worker how to package soap in the Touqan factory in Nablus, West Bank. Nablus is famous for its soap products, which use olive oil as a primary ingredient. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


Iyad Burnat, director of the Bi’lin Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, points to the separation barrier, indicating where past protests had been held. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


Ron Kehrmann, a printing press operator, addresses students at the site of his daughter’s grave in Haifa, Israel. Kehrmann’s daughter was a victim of a suicide attack on a bus in Haifa in 2002. He spoke at length about the difficulty of coping with personal loss in the conflict and the entrenched viewpoints that can emerge from such a situation. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


Um Emad Abu-Zahra speaks with UCLA student Loic Hostetter after a lunch at the Jenin Women’s Cultural Cooperative. Abu-Zahra’s son, photojournalist Imad Abu-Zahra, was killed while working in Jenin during the Second Intifada. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


Ronny Edry is the founder of “Israel-Loves-Iran,” a social media movement that uses graphic design in the form of colorful posters of Israelis and Iranians to call for a peaceful solution to growing tensions between the two countries over Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


Dr. Taiseer Maray, the director of Golan for Development, gives students a tour of the Druze village of Majdal Shams. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


Dr. Husam Zomlot, deputy commissioner of the Fatah Commission for International Relations, met with students to discuss the current state of the peace process. Credit: Claudia Cheffs


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