Dear reader,

To those unfamiliar with the Olive Tree Initiative, our mission is simple: To promote conflict analysis and resolution through experiential learning and to provide students and campus communities with the education, training and experiences needed to better negotiate and solve conflicts.

As a group of students, we hope this space can serve as a record of our time in the Middle East – the people, places, issues and events.

The first step of an Olive Tree Initiative trip is to venture to the region and explore the conflict in an hands-on manner. The second step involves bringing the discussion back to our communities.

As a group, we felt one of the best ways to engage with this second step would be a blog, updated day by day as our trip progressed. We intend this blog to serve as an immediate medium through which we may relay our observations back to our home campuses.

We encourage anyone interested in our trip and the group’s mission to share their thoughts with us on this page. We must ask, however, that comments be made in a respectful, considerate and balanced manner.

Thank you,

Olive Tree Initiative Trip 5

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